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September 18, 2014

Happy birthday B.B. King!

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September 11, 2014

so many hugs for anyone who can find me pdfs of english translations of César Aira novels….

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a lot of people talk like capitalism is necessary to have innovation and I just think of all the brilliant and creative people I know who spend all of their time and energy worrying about how they’re going to have a roof over their heads and food to eat. capitalism doesn’t drive innovation, it stifles it and shackles it to the endlessly wasteful machinery of exploitation.

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Via The Commissar's blog

If you’re looking for a good scare, remember if you say “quinoa” into a mirror three times a white vegan with dreadlocks will appear and tell you all about super foods.

remind me to show you my new recipe for THC brownies made with quinoa flour, macadamia nuts hand-picked by trained locavore marmosets, and vanilla-infused vegan honey glaze.

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babooshka // kate bush

she wanted to test her husband
she knew exactly what to do
a pseudonym to fool him
she couldn’t have made a worse move 

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September 8, 2014

A Celebration of Samuel R Delany: Aye, and Gomorrah

Over the next year, Entropy editors will be discussing a selection of Delany’s works. The discussion is open to anyone interested and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

We begin with Aye, and Gomorrah, the definitive Delany short story collection. We chose to start here because the stories all come from very early in his career and cover a wide variety of registers and styles, and hint at the many places he will go.


Megan Milks: As always, I’m struck by Delany’s approach to worldbuilding which is strictly perspectival and dialogue-based, and has an immersive quality. I find it always a bit difficult to give myself over to a Delany narrative because his fiction requires a good deal of imaginative work on the reader’s part; but once I’m in, I’m in.

Edward Rathke:
It feels like Delany at his most playful, willing to just throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks. Because he’s Delany, most of them stick very well.

But, yeah, maybe we could talk about the worldbuilding? Delany’s definitely someone who taught me a lot about worldbuilding and he consistently does it brilliantly here. He manages to build very realistic worlds without ever explicitly telling you much about them, but Driftglass and Aye, and Gomorrah, and Star Pit and We in Some Strange Power’s Employ are so fully realised while also being great theoretical pieces about sexuality, power, and humanity.

Read more at A Celebration of Samuel R Delany: Aye, and Gomorrah

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September 5, 2014

Israel is constructing the world’s largest detention center. With a capacity of eight thousand people, this detention center is geared toward the incrimination of Eritrean, Sudanese, and other African asylum seekers who are deemed infiltrators under the recently amended 1954 Prevention of Infiltration Law for “threatening to change the character of the state,” refugees can be detained without trials for period of three years, and could even be held indefinitely. As part of the Zionist logic to keep Israel an exclusionary national home for Jews, this law was originally intended to imprison Palestinian refugees who were returning to their homes after the 1948 Al-Nakba. The law therefore simultaneously criminalizes Palestinians who defy dispossession and the illegal occupation of their homelands by asserting their right to return, as well as African refugees fleeing Western imperialism and structural poverty.

Harsha Walia, Undoing Border Imperialism (via mashrou3-ummi)

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